How do you change a property of a procedurally generated static mesh ? without changing all the meshes ?(not that i can change any of them)

So i use a blueprint to generate static meshes with random locations-
What i want to do is be able to click on one click a new location for it and have it move there.
What is happening is if i click on it ingame nothing happens cause i do not know how to handle individual static meshes that have been generated by a blueprint loop so i cant create custom behaviour for them.
In the editor when i click on one every static mesh that has been generated lights up.
What i want to do is have the mesh keep track of how many times its been clicked (then and) the more times it has been clicked to move in the past the further it moves in the current instance of it being clicked.The reason i generated the meshes via blueprint addmesh is because i have 1000 meshes total in use and placing each one one by one is a pain when i could just generate them but it seems you have no way to handle generated static meshes individually after they are generated.

Im sure i can manipulate the blueprint that generates them and its location in the world but that will mess with all the 1000 meshes in the world and i don’t want that.What i want is the you click(double click) on a mesh in game you click where you want it to move and it does (provided it fits within the movement limitations given to it) how do i do this ???