How do you adjust the speed of a Blueprint Rotation Component?

Hi Guys,
The name of the thread sort of says it all. How do you adjust the speed of the Blueprint Rotation Component? I can’t seem to find it.

It’s under the ‘Rotation Rate’ setting. Currently however you can’t use any rotation speed lower than 1.0 on any axis, because it flips out due to the multiplication by delta seconds.

Thanks TheJamsh!
I set the yaw rate to 5 and that seems to be just about right for my project.

On a side note, you can use tick, & use the deltaTime variable from tick event to use as simple speed control in general.

DeltaTime= time between each frame (its dynamic & not a constant)
1/DeltaTime =frame rate per second.

e.g if you want to move at a constant rate that cover 5 units in 2 sec

The formula will be
Distance (per tick)= (DeltaTime/2sec) * 5 units