How do you add a blueprinted gamemode to config?

I am not sure of the proper config entry to add a gamemode that was created in a blueprint vs c++ script.

I know as a script it is


What do I put as the gameclassname for a blueprinted one?

You can get reference name of any asset (including blueprint) by right clicking it and “Copy Refrence Name”

Sorry figured it out right before you had posted this and didn’t come back to it. Thanks

What was the solution? I still have this problem, and the reference name itself is not sufficient.

What are you trying to do?

I created a GameMode blueprint that inherits from the FreeForAll Game type in the shooter sample, and I’m trying to launch that game type from the main menu system. In the code it uses a string containing the game mode class alias from the config file to specify the gametype, so I’m trying to add a game type class alias for the game mode blueprint. I moved the default inventory out of the pawn class and into the gamemode, so the FFA and TDM game modes now spawn characters with empty inventories.