How do I switch between game modes?

The question may sound simple, but I feel the situation is not or I’m just missing a big “duh” sign somewhere. I have been working on a project for a while that involves merging several game types into one master level. You can interact within the master level to load special levels (game types). For instance, most simple way I can explain is you can go from 3rd person template gameplay (main level) to a first person template gameplay or even a racing game template. Possibilities expand with further game modes.

Is it a matter of setting the project settings to main level for default and setting the individual levels to their respective game modes, like first person/racing/top down? Or is there a step I’m missing between level transfers like re-directors after migrating projects, re-compiling/re-linking specific blueprints in the individual player blueprints for each mode? Or is project game mode > world game mode always? Havent been able to successfully create a level transfer that will allow this. Any help would be appreciated, as being able to achieve this will ensure the next 3-4 months of my project’s progression after switching to this type of system. Please and thank you.

Edit: Forgot to add that even just migrating a first person project into a third person project makes it to where I either cant move the character on the first person project (but can do certain actions). Sometimes I can move depending on which level and from what migrated project, but then often times the actions are then disabled. Figured it would be the assigned player controller for the game mode, or is it not reading the player controller somehow for it to only half work? I have not tested a level transfer between maps in this way. I’ve just loaded level and played in viewport.

Did you ever figure this out? I posted a similar question on here with no replies.