How do I stretch a texture?

Hi all,

I have a texture which I want to stretch across the surface of a box. It’s actually a QR code! When I import the png file and drop the autogenerated material onto the surface it come up in a grid of 4 of itself. Not what I was looking for. I have spent a bit of time trying to work out how to sort this myself, I’m certain its entirely obvious, but any assistance would be very much appreciated!

Thank you very much!

Depends on what object you put that.

On a BSP brush, you can actually define the texture propteries in the details panel.

On a Static/SkeletalMesh you would need to either edit the UVMapping of that mesh or you create a material and plugin in a TextureCoordinate Node to your texture and tweak the values until it fits.

I want to put it on a standard “box” which I found in the top left corner. That’s BSP yea?.. Sorry, I don’t know what BSP is. I appreciate your fast response though.

If you are trying to apply it to a BSP then you have to select the surface then in the details panel under BSP, click on Alignment and set it to surface fit.

Awesome! Thanks. That sorted it nicely. :smiley: