How do I stop the Sidescroller camera from going close to the character when behind an object?

So I am working on a side scroller project. and one of the things I would like to implement, would be to walk behind objects just briefly. you will still be able to see the character because it will be glass or what ever. or metal fencing and what not…

But as soon as the character goes behind any form of object the camera moves close up. I have provided some screen shots. some basic ones. Any help on this would be awesome thank you.

Fantastic thanks. worked a treat! Appreciate the help! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Hey Virtuosic Kitty,

The easiest way to remove that functionality would be to disable the Collision test on the Spring Arm component. In your Character Blueprint, go to the Components tab and select the SpringArm1. In the Details panel, scroll down to the Camera Collision settings and disable Do Collision Test. That will prevent your camera from pushing in when your character is behind an object.

Hope that helps!

Ben Halliday