How do I stop the mouse/Camera from rotating my character?


Have you seen these?

I am a bit frustrated as I know I am overlooking something small. I had a 1st to 3rd person 2 camera toggle camera system. I decided I wanted to change back to a 3rd person semi shoulder set up, similar to the stock 3rd person one that comes in unreal. But, I can’t stop the mouse from moving the character in game when turning the camera. I have tried going back checking all my setting to match the original 3rd person blueprint settings in blueprint/viewport settings. Everytime I press play and move the camera the whole character moves not allowing for free rotation of the camera around the player to look in various directions such as behind. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated, I am about ready to just scratch the whole project and move everything over to new project just over a camera. Thanks in advance.

Yes, they are in there, Fatalys93.

So I should just branch out for my camera and use the 3rd person set to achieve the camera that rotates around the player but doesn’t change their direction? Tiny is right.

My game has all 3 cameras (Side-TPS-FPS) I CAN’T switch them during play but only from the MainMenu at the beginning of the game.

That’s my setup that works perfectly. hope you can read the little blocks. Let me know

yes, you need play with the values for the axes (see the various red-green-blue boxes of my image) and find the correct setup for your game. In the purple comment box is handled the rotation of the mouse that depends on the current view mode

Later I will try to recreate your request. You started from a TPS Template, right?

I will give it a shot here in a bit, seems a bit more in-depth to get a single camera to do what the stock 3rd person one does basically. But, if it works then I am all for it.

Yes, I started from the third person template, I did camera changes awhile ago, don’t like them and just tried to go back to that original camera that rotates around but doesn’t cause the player to move when you turn it.

Should I remove the branches for the single camera 3rd person. I think I am getting lost in the true/falses for all the others . or just go from set to thirdpersoncamera stuff?