How do i stop healing until takedamage is stopped

Hello, im making a FPS game and using third person blueprint for full body and i want to make it so the player stops the healing until the player is out of the damage and want to make a delay until it starts healing.

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Screenshot - 11198afb8a3ccaac2372df0512ee0720 - Gyazo,

Perhaps this will help:
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Hey there, i’m not sure if i understood correctly, but if you want to stop healing when taking damage and start healing x amount of seconds after not being damaged then you could do a Healing cooldown float variable, when you get hit you set the variable to the maximum wait time (let’s say 3 seconds as an example), every tick if the variable is greater than 0 you decrease it with delta seconds (make sure to clamp it between 0 and 3) and you only execute the healing code if the variable is 0.