how do i spawn a pawn at a location ?

I want to spawn targets around a central player. Im trying to get them to drop in from above on a circle around the player. Can someone give me some idea of how to accomplish this? I’m new and I don’t know what i’m doing. I have figured out how to spawn my targets, but I’m looking for a way to spawn the targets in a certain order at specific locations on a circular path.

Ok, let me put this another way. What i think i want to do is to have a target follow a path and then be able to spawn an actor at the location of the target at a specific time.

My idea here is that I want to be able to create ‘levels’ that spawn between 10 and 100 actors over time in various patterns. Imagine something similar to Galaga but in 3D.

I’m trying to figure out a way to easily create the different levels and I’m not a programmer. Just looking for leads.