How do I setup a prop with multiple destructible parts?


I want to make a prop consisting out of multiple windows. I dont want to make 1 prop for the frame and add say 4 destructibles each time I place the prop. Also the windows dont have to shatter, just simply spawn a particle effect when shot. How do I set up multiple destructible windows, place the particle emitters, and trigger them when shot, and be able to place this as a single prop? Is this possible?


If you just want to spawn the right particle emitter when shot then you probably want to go with physical materials. This would let you assign a particle system to be spawned whenever you shoot anything at all in your game – the physical material is assigned per material, so if you’ve applied the glass material then it would produce a broken glass particle effect when shot and if you’ve applied the dirt material then it could produce a dirt puff particle effect.

Here’s the basic setup:

Physical Materials User Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation

On line traces and on collisions you can access the physical material on the object that you hit. Get the surface type from there and spawn an effect based on this value.

Ah ok, but is it possible to place an emitter within the prop? So that I could scale the particle emitter based on how big the window is? And would it also be possible to remove the piece of glass from within the prop?

Basically what I would like to do is create 5 props (1 frame, and 4 pieces of glass of different sizes) and 4 particle emitters (fitting the size and location of the pieces of glass) and have the logic remove the pieces of glass once they’re shot and trigger the right particle emitter. And be able to place this as a whole.

Another example would be eg. a ceiling fan with 6 blades. for this examples sake lets say the blades disintegrate once shot. Yet you dont want to be placing 7 props by hand just so you can have a ceiling fan fall apart blade by blade. Is there a way to have multiple destructibles and particle emitters driven by blueprint within a placeable prop.