How do I Set Up Jump Animations with Acceleration

Hi everyone.

I am struggling allot with the following.

I have an Idle walk run Anim BP set up. I just don’ have any Idea how to set up Jump Animations for each state. I have tried and am struggling for 3 months now. I cant do that. I just don’t know How.

Is there anyone who has a tutorial to show me how, Please help me.

My game looks like this so far. I have put in allot of effort on Creating the model and have put in allot of effort on creating everything myself, because I know what I am doing on the creation part.
The only problem is the skin material how to get that more realistic as possible for gaming but its for another forum.

Got it Working. Thanks anyways.

lol. I love it when that happens.

For the skin, check the digital human content examples.

At a base level you need:

  1. good UV map of whole body.
  2. good UV map of parts set up to all have the same texel density (usually you can automate this).

The material will swap based on camera distance between the macro and the regular size.

From the full body UV map you can make a black and white image to use as the basis for sub surface.

The skin material uses that for the scattering. Generally you need the finger tips slightly gray and the ears white-ish to get the color to pass through it naturally.
You can relate this to skin thickness.
Picture this. White is a skin layer of 0mm. Black is a skin layer of 4cm.
do the math loosely based on that assumption for some starting values to paint.

Different engine versions use the shader differently - so for instance in .24 the default skin in a dynamic lit environment is super shiny when shadowed / you need to ramp up roughness.

Regarding the jump state.
You can drive the entrance to different states based on movement speed (speed variable in default blueprint).

The loop and probably land would likely be the same, yet based on height of the fall.