How do I set up an arm IK system?

Hello I am having massive amounts of trouble trying to set up a IK system for some hands. I am trying to set up a leap motion to control hand movements with a plug in, this:

I have the leap motion data controlling the hands fine but without my elbows bending my character is in zombie mode… I have been studying the docs on IK setups and animation in general as well as the animation examples in the Content Folder but I still don’t know what I am doing wrong to set up an actual bend. Even when I play around with the vectors of my joint variables in preview mode inside Persona if I play with the joint target location i get no bend which I assumed I would get after speaking with people and reading. Could someone with some knowledge on IK system bestow thy fruit upon me? Thank you.

Take a look at this:

Lol those Wrists! good luck!

You do know Left Joint and Right Joint mean the ELBOW not the SHOULDER?!?! Try changing those settings from -1200 and 600 and see what happens! If the hands move, (or the elbows bend) it was just a matter of saying where the elbows START (I think) I am still trying (desperately) to do shoulder/arm/hand vr IK but it is surprisingly hard nut to crack with animated fingers too