How do i set up a Local Multiplayer with 2 characters that don't share the CharacterBP or mesh?

Hey There and thanks for reading this.
Me and my Friend are working on our first game. For a school project, we try to build a local multiplayer game. Its about a Girl that lives on a big tree andher friend a tree spirit . We have the problem that we found many multiplayer tutorials about equal Charakers (maybe with different textures but the same abilities and mesh) that share the character BP.

What we need is a setup with 2 totaly diferent movement systems and meshes. I tryed to set one Charakter BP for each player up, but cant find out how to connect it to the controllers.

  1. Is this even possible?
  2. How would you set up the connection so that the players can chose in the menu, which controller controlls the girl and the other one is assigned automaticaly?

you will need to use the Possess function on each of your player controllers. There are a bunch of tutorials if you google “ue4 possess”

Here is how you get your splitscreen PlayerControllers:

let me know if you need any help. good luck on your game :slight_smile:

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With your answer, I found this in the Dokumentation and constructed it as you showed in the Level_BP.

Thank you very much for your help.