How do I set up a bomb cam?

I have an airplane which can drop a bomb. The bomb is an actor blueprint with a destructible mesh. The bomb blueprint is then attached to a socket on the airplane skeleton. I set it up so physics is being enabled on the destructible mesh when I press fire. So it works as intended, the bomb drops and the mesh shatters in pieces when it hits the ground. All good.

I figure it would be cool to have a bomb cam too. So I added a camera to the bomb blueprint. And this is where I run into problems.

The camera does follow the bomb as long as the bomb blueprint is attached to the plane. But the camera stops following at the exact location where I drop the bomb. If it wouldn’t be for the fact that I enable physics on the mesh, the behavior would make sense - the bomb blueprint is being detached. So it makes sense that the actor stops right there, being stuck in that location. But since physics is enabled, the mesh is in fact moving. Towards the ground. But the camera is stuck in the bomb blueprint’s “dropped” location.

Any attempts to read the location of the falling mesh returns 0/0/0. So I can’t even programatically make the camera follow the mesh to the ground. It’s like the mesh is some kind of ghost once physics is enabled. It has no location according to Unreal, the camera does not acknowledge the movement. It’s as if the mesh is technically destroyed and not accessible according to the Unreal engine, only it’s still clearly visible on the screen. I can see the bomb falling.

Is this a bug or is this by design (meaning, I’m doing and thinking it wrong)? Is there no way to read/access the location of a mesh simulating physics?