How do I run Shadow Complex Remastered?

I finally got the Epic Games Launcher, UE4, and Shadow Complex Remastered installed, but every time I try to open Shadow Complex Remastered it goes to a black screen and then crashes immediately before anything else can happen. What do I do?

EDIT: Now it doesn’t even get that far. I click on the Launch button and it grays out to “busy” for a few seconds but then nothing else happens.

Hi nintendogeek01,

I’m sorry to hear that you are having difficulty getting Shadow Complex to run on your system. The UE4 Answerhub is for UE4 developers, so the proper channel for you to seek help with running a game is at the link below. If none of the knowledge articles help you, then notice the “email us” on the right side of the page to reach out to customer support.


Ah, thank you, and I’m sorry for my misunderstanding on where to post questions.