How do I run a Dedicated Server?

Hey everyone, I’m having a little trouble with Dedicated servers. (i’ve just came to UE4 from UDK) and I’m just wondering, how do I do it?

Before you would specify a command line in Binary > 32 Bit. I understand you still have that but its simply not the same! I’ve been following these tuts;∈dex=116

and its simply great, a really broad understanding of replication and syncing Server > Client :slight_smile: and it also shows you to use a Listen server in the editor.

Question: How do I get it to simply work? I’m also a bit of a newb so a YT vid or a detailed explanation is appreciated :slight_smile: if not i’ll find a way.

Hi iFordMC!

The Youtube videos you have been watching are indeed an excellent introduction and will teach you everything you need to know. I watched them myself to learn quite a bit about how replication works. The main things to remember is that anything you want shown to all of your clients needs to have the replication tag enabled. Further, to run a dedicated server once you have the replication properly set up is as easy as a check box in the editor! Under the play dropdown menu you can set the number of clients and there is a checkbox for “run as dedicated server”. This will set up the server portion for you so that you can test. Once you check this testing will be much easier for the networking tutorial.

One thing I would highly recommend is use “Switch has Authority” for anything you are checking or replicating. It is an extra step and some may find it tedious, but it helps to prevent the client from getting access to things you do not want them to have access to.

I hope this helps!