How do I rig a antenna in '3DS Max' so when its in UE4 it sways like its suppose to?

So, I know how to rig a vehicle but how do I rig its antenna so it sways properly with the vehicle when its in UE4?

Anyone know?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You need bones!

  • Hey. Im a doctor, not a 3D modeller!


If you want to do it in max, you need to make the antenna in segments and support it with bones.
Pretty much like making a character, just way more rudimentary…

On the other hand, maybe you could make the antenna as spline mesh and make the swaying yourself.
Just a bit of math with the speed and acceleration vector, but it doesnt cost you any physics…

After a basic bone rig in max imported into unreal, You can try looking into animdynamics feature.

Hey guys I have 3 bones rigged to it. I have a bone on the top, middle and bottom but it doesn’t sway like its suppose to. Am’I suppose to add some type on constraint to them in max?