How do I revert my characters speed once increased

Hey all, I’m currently working on a speed “buff” for a character, I’ve managed to get my character to have an increase in speed, but what I’m unable to do is revert this increase in speed to the characters default speed after a certain amount of time (in this case 3 seconds). However all that is happening is once the player picks up the speed increase it stays increased instead of reverting.

Any ideas? Blueprint below.

What I’ve noticed is once i remove the delay after the print string it deactivates the speed increase instantly, but once I put the delay back there it does not remove the speed… Im at a loss here. Shameless self bump too

I think the issue is that you’re calling Destroy self. This object probably no longer exists after the delay in order to revert the speed.

Hide the actor first and put the destroy not at the very end.

You were both correct thanks! I feel like a pleb haha!

Thank you!!