How do I reverse a matinee to a certain position

There is a way to reverse a matinee and there’s a way to make it jump to a certain position but is it possible to have a matinee reverse and then stop reversing when it reaches a certain position. For example how do I have a matinee play when you overlap with a trigger and then reverse when you end the overlap but when it reverses it stops at a certain place. No matter which position the matinee starts, it always reverses and stops at the same position each time. So how can I use event tracks because I’m only used to using movement tracks for matinees and I can’t find a tutorial on event tracks.

You can use an event track, set an event key at a certain keyframe and then reverse the Matinee with that event.

I’m not sure how to work with event tracks. I have a movement track so how do I play that with the event track?

Create an event track and then set a key at the frame you want to start reversing the animation. Now select the Matinee actor in the level, go to Level BP and create a controller for your Matinee actor like so:


Refresh the node if you cant see the pin for your event key. Now you can use that execution pin to reverse the Matinee.

And do you need to use any movement tracks or just the event track?

Event track is independent of any other track, so you dont need to use a movement track if you dont need it.