How do I replace a point light with an actor ?

I want to replace a point light with an actor so in the viewport clicked on the point light with the RMB and clicked on replace with actor and I chose the actor I want but it didn’t work . My friend tried the same thing and it worked for her.

I seem to only be able to replace it with a few options, other lights and such. You could select the light then right click on the location and copy it. Then drag and drop an actor into the level and past the location then delete the light.

actually I want the actor to have the point light effect . I want my actor to be the source of the light .

O, then inside the Actor Blueprint you go to the “Components” tab and add a Point Light component. Or if you just want the specific light in the world connected to your actor, in the “World Outliner” tab drag and drop the point light over your actor and it will connect them so when you move your actor it will effect your light as an “Attached Component”

I tired this and it worked . Thank u so much for your help ! I really appreciate it :slight_smile: