how do I re-import edited objects and had them be placed at the right spot?


I´m working with a CAD-drawing (huge building) in Rhino. From there, I export it as FBX in small parts. After that I put uvmaps on in Zbrush and (again) export it as FBX. And then into Unreal.
So…I wonder how I or YOU guys work when you have all your objects where you want them and then wants to edit/change something? How do you, for an example get a door at the right place in a wall (if you noticed that the door need fixing)?
I might add that I haven´t either 3dsmax or Maya :frowning: And I have no time to learn Blender.

If I change something in Rhino, I want it to go to the same place in Unreal. What i´ve understand, it is best to work in some of the above software packages which seem to make life easier. I wish I could, but nope. I have to figure out another solution.
I tried FBX re-import thingy where it should (!) exchange the object and put it in the same place? but that did not work for me. I changed a small thing in Zbrush and re-imported it but it had moved miles away from the spot it should be.

I have thought about leaving the object I want to changed inside the scene and then import the copy -and then try to match it with the original. But it is a lot of pain to do that.

Have anyone any idea how to do this?