how do i put my movement animations into action? (ive already made them ofc)

Im trying to make a game with two types of players, a team of hiders, and a seeker. The seeker has an axe, and the animations that go along with that. The hiders have no weapons and have to hide from the seeker until the last one is alive, then that player gets the same animations (ones that include an axe), as the seeker.

Here is a list of all the animations and explanations of them that ive already made for my playermodel , along with the teams that each animation goes along with (btw, both teams share the same model, and yes, it is going to be a multiplayer game if that helps):

walk: is only for hiders, as the seeker has a walk with tomahawk animation, which has his arm extended to look as though hes holding it. run: same for this walk_tomahawk: (explained) run_tomahawk: (explained) pronecrawl: (prone walking, shared between both teams) tomahawkthrow: an animation that only moves the right arm, i need to make this blendable with crouchwalk and normal seeker walking/running/idle so that the animations play as hes throwing a tomahawk. tomahawk hit: same thing^ transition between standing>crouching>proning: all one animation, in that order with keyframes.

I need to know how to make the camera be in first person while playing these animations for everyone in the lobby. (i could make the camera follow close behind the player for now so i can see the animations in action). I need to know how to make the head swivel for looking up and down, freely of any animations, and how to make the body swivel on the x axis when i turn. I also need to know how to socket the tomahawk in hand for the seeker animations so that hes carrying the tomahawk, and also make it so that when he throws the tomahawk it flies away. There are no animation blueprints yet, i want to start fresh because tutorials are custom to whatever the tutorial teaches ive realized, which leads me to my next point, DO NOT LINK ME TO SOME VAGUE TUTORIAL ABOUT ANIMATING THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT IM ASKING, it happens every single time, and ive seen them all, they dont help at all, not even the ones from the unrealengine youtube, as they are using certain things that dont apply to me, or most other people, they only pertain to people starting fresh, downloading the assets used in the videos, trying to learn about stuff.