How Do I Put/Loop My Game Together?

That is a strange question, so bare with me. What I mean by this is that I’m not creating a level, I’m creating a game so how do I make the game do things in a specific order like; The game boots up, it has all of its text of the software and middleware blah blah blah, then the start menu, you click start, then it goes to the main menu: Now this branches out, this can go to the story mode, multiplayer, local play, or single player. So say for instance they clicked on Local play, now he/she and their friend can pick a character, pick a map and spawn into the game, now we are playing a game. You get it have a sequence of events happen that makes the game constant. How do I do that, any videos, thoughts, steps, documentations… etc…?

You probably want to start by reading the documentation on the Game Framework:

Then look up those parts individually.