How do I put Anim Trails on Weapon Class, not the Pawn Class?

I set up some animtrails to come out of my character when he swings his weapon.
I followed this video tutorial from Unreal:
it works awesome. I love it. It makes melee a little more fun.

But…The trails are connected to sockets on the Player Character skel mesh
and I want them to be on the weapon skelmesh. I am making a lot of custom
weapons and I want them easily interchangable between enemies and players.
The Player Character is not the ideal place to store the trail information.

How do I do get the trails out of the characterBP and into the weapon???

That tutorial showed me how to make a trail start on a notify and end on one
but those notifies are in the characters AnimBP
How would that work if the dagger or axe they are swinging is an entirely separate class?.

Can I activate those trails without a notify on an AnimBluePrint?
Do I create an animation which doesn’t actually move just to toggle the trails on and off?
(having an animation that isn’t really animating sounds like might be a resource drain)

Has anyone done this before?
I could really use some guidance on how to structure this?

I too would like to know this. It works fine on a character but I’m struggling elsewhere (on a pawn). My trails are activated by default and simply parented, which does show but is probably not the best way to do it. I’ve also created sockets in the meshes that are in my pawn BP, but I can’t seem to use the begin trail node with those. End trail (ending the trail that was automatically started) works.

Did you get anywhere with this?