how do i pass a variable value to another blueprint?

I know i need to use an interface. I have an interface implemented in both blueprints. Basically, i have the interface function set to take one input and one output, both of type Character. To my understanding, i would send a message to the interface from the first blueprint, then call the function in the second blueprint. But the value of the input does not actually get set to the value of the output. In the interface, all the nodes are greyed out and it wont let me set them


i just dont really understand how this works. How exactly do i send a value from one blueprint to another?

You don’t necessarily need an interface to pass along values. What you certainly need is access to the other blueprint object to which you want to pass the value.

Could you post a screenshot of how you’re passing the value from one Blueprint to the other (that is, calling the interface)?

I figured it out! normally id get a reference to the player pawn, but thats on my camera(its an RTS game). What i did was get an array of the third person character class, and grabbed each element to reference every third person character object i have in my scene. no interface was neccessary.

well you can create a setter function in Blueprint-A. and in level blueprint call that setter ( or even event ) with the desired values.