How do I move a Pawn using keyboard action mappings?

I have created a pawn for use with the Vive. I am trying to set it up so that it will walk forward when the ‘W’ key is pressed. However, since this pawn I created is not of the DefaultPawn class type, there is no MovementComponent and therefore the pawn does not move. I tried creating a new pawn of type DefaultPawn but you get an inherited static mesh sphere and some other settings that cannot be changed.

My question is: how can I set up the pawn so that when a key is pressed, the pawn will move forward in the world? Again, the pawn is a VR pawn for use with the Vive. Here is how I have it set up now:

Appreciate any help. FWIW this really serves no practical purpose apart form learning how the engine works. If this is not a good approach what would you recommend? All of the tutorials I have followed so far start by using a custom pawn class to hold the SteamVRChaperone and Motion Controller components.

The Pawn class has no MovementComponent by default. You should create an instance of the Character class and replace the mesh.