How do I map HMD orientation to ingame character?

Currently I have a pawn (VRPawn) and a playercontroller (VRController). My understanding is that the playercontroller should be relaying inputs to the pawn. In my case I’m trying to do a constant trace originating from the pawn (the player), which is controlled by the HMD.

My problem is that VR is not mentioned at all within the input section in the engine.

Am I supposed to take another route when working with HMD input, like is this technology so new that working with it requires a completely different route until a standard arises?

Create a VR_CameraManager by creating a new blueprint (it’s under “All Classes” called “PlayerCameraManager”). Inside the VR_CameraManager enable “Follow Hmd Orientation”. Then go to your VRController and set the “Player Camera Manager Class” to your new “VR_CameraManager”.

Cheers mate :slight_smile:

tracked object 0 will be your hmd head. It’s coordinates will be based on your tracked room, not it’s world position, so offset accordingly.

Is “Follow Hmd Orientation” gone? I found the guide suggesting its use, but it doesn’t show up on my list. (4.11)

It was changed to “Lock to HMD” and it is part of the camera component now. Not of the camera manager anymore.

Thanks! I didn’t realize.