How do I make the text in a UMG button inherit the pressed tint of its parent

I have a UMG button. I don’t actually want it to draw any background, so I set the background to transparent-white (1,1,1,0)
In this button, I have a text block. This text block is set to full white.
This canvas, that contains this button (and others like it) has Z order 10.

Behind the UMG canvas with buttons is another UMG canvas with a single background image in a darker color. This has Z order 0.

Now, I want to make the text of the buttons shade in a color when pressed/tapped.
I set the “pressed” color tint of the button to yellow.
However, when pressing the button, the text doesn’t change color. And, because the button background is transparent, there’s no visible indicator other than a very slight movement of the text.

If I check the “inherit” checkbox for the color of the text, the text color turns black, and it still doesn’t tint in the tint color when the button is pressed.

So, how do I achieve the effect I want?

Here’s the really weird thing: The tint doesn’t work for Pressed or Hovered.
However, if I disable a button, the text actually becomes grayish-tinted! Even though the “tint” parameter for the Disabled style for the button is white!
So, I’m mis-understanding something about how these colors are supposed to work.