How do i make the object interact with my shots?

I’m trying to add a damage system to my barrel(and other objects).

I would like to know how I would make my gunshots blow up the barrel?

I’m following this tutorial(UE 4- Blueprint Tutorial- Exploding Barrel - YouTube) and it appears to only work when I use the Default Game mode, but when I switch to my own game mode/system it doesn’t apply on it(the Health doesn’t seem to be decreasing from my gunshots).

If anyone needs more clarification, I can try making a video to show everything.

Thanks in advance :}

Here’s the Video that hopefully shows more clarification:

I didn’t intend for the music to be there :}

Also, it’s possible that you haven’t set the correct Player Controller or Default Player Pawn in your custom Game Mode.

How I’m I to change that? I don’t know how to do it, could you tell me?

You might be correct. I need to try everything to fix this so, if u know then plz do tell :}

Thanks :}, I will take a look at it.

Thank you for helping me out and I appreciate you taking time off to help me out with this problem. :}
I had to change up a couple of things in the game mode blueprint to fix it, and now I’m able to apply damage using my custom game mode.

Thank you :}

Thank you sithHunter, your answer was part of the solution to fixing my problem :}

The link is a 20 min video I think it would be more helpful to show us what you’ve done. I can think of many ways to get that effect so it will probably be easier to just troubleshoot your setup vs watching that video and trying to guess why yours isn’t working with no info on what you actually did. Post some screen shots and/or a video.

Screen shots dude…fixing the game mode is a simple task assuming you have a custom game mode setup. You open up the blueprint and change the controller and pawn from the drop down menus. You would also need to ensure the level you are using is set to run the custom game mode, again a drop down menu option in the world outliner details panel. But as I said before, without any kind of screen shot or indication of what you’ve done it is hard to help. Maybe this is what you need though, check out video #19 I believe in the playlist below. Goes over setting up game modes.

Unreal Engine 4 Beginner Tutorials:

Any time, happy to help. Converted to answer so you can accept and mark this question resolved.