How do I make my character spawn at a different playerstart when i reload the level?

Okay so I made a village and a bar that you can go into. When my character walks into the bar, theres a loading screen while the bar level is loading. Then when I go back to the village, I spawn all the way back to the beginning. I made 2 playerstarts and tried to modify the box collider that spawns the bar levels blueprint. My question is, how can I make my character spawn at the second playerstart when it comes out of the bar instead of the first playerstart?

If you are using PlayerStart, you can give it a tag in the Details tab, like PostBar. Search the spawners by tag and use the one you marked.

Thanks for the response. I have already named my playerstart AfterSpawnPub but what do i do with the box collider blueprint? Do i use teleport?

Heres another post asking the same thing with a workable solution IMO. The difference would be instead of setting a transform youd set a player start variable.

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