How do i make my character equip a weapon when he goes over it, or just clicks on it?

I’m making a top down game where you run from a monster and you have to get to each door to win. But, I’m making a pickup where if you either click, or touch the gun you equip it until you shoot one bullet, then it disappears. I want to make this power-up using blueprint, so how would i do that?

First decompose what you want. Nobody will tell you how to do feature XYZ, but people will help if you ask more concise questions.
What have you tried so far?

Right now i have the the simple gun made, which is 2 cubes that i put together, and in the blueprints i got it to destroy it when you collide with it. So, let me make it more detailed, so it a lot more understandable. I want to make a pickup where when i collide with the gun, which is what i’m using as the pickup, i equip it in my hand. So, what i would think is that i would need a static mesh with the character that i have with the gun in the hand. But, i have no idea how to do that, or if that is even the right way to do that. In conclusion i want to know whether i use another static mesh with the character, and the gun, or if there is a simpler way to just put the gun that i created in the characters hand.