How do I make moving in a straight line difficult?

I am trying to make a game where you navigate a bridge and try not to fall down. I would like to add some force to the player to make it harder to just walk in a straight line across the bridge. I have experimented with adding random ranges of floats to different movement input scales in order to simulate “vertigo” or something close to it. Camera sway is not ideal either as it does not affect movement significantly enough. The game is in third person.

Any help would be appreciated.

Let’s assume your character is drunk. Whenever he wants to move forward, he would move sideways a bit (just a bit!)

So I suggest hooking up a second “add movement input” to your forward input, but the movement direction is sideways (aka GetRightVector), multiplied by sinus of the current time (to sway left/right. Random could compensate itself when one frame moves left and the next moves right)

multiply the vector with some randomness and maybe an amplication factor and it shoud be quite hard to navigate :slight_smile:

Excellent, it worked pretty well. Thank you for your swift response.