How do I make garry's mod-like rotation transformation to objects?

I’ve made a physics gun based on this source:
I want to be able to access the rotation of the object i pick up while holding e, similar to garry’s mod.


The problem I’m having with this metod is that this will always rotate the object around the yaw and the pitch.
Meaning, if I spin the object 90 degrees around the yaw and then try to spin it around the pitch, the pitch is now where the roll was before.
Somehow, I want to spin the object according to my player’s socket rotation’s yaw, pitch and roll.


I’m still pretty new to this, I don’t actually know how to make proper use of different nodes. If you also have efficiency advise, I’d be glad to hear it. :slight_smile:

That is funny, I was just thinking about this this morning. The only thing I could come up with is having another axis input for the mouse but while alt is held, then do work on another rotation, or have left right mouse applying use, up down mouse applying pitch, and scroll wheel applying roll.

Are you using physics handles, or are you just applying a new location to an object?