How do I make a vehicle in blender for 4.15?

So I am having this issue where it seems to be impossible to model and rig a car in Blender and export it as an FBX to import it to UE4.

I have been trying for 4 days with no luck so I exported the example Sedan car from the vehicle example and put it into Blender and took a look at how it was done. I then followed exactly how it was setup and made my own vehicle in the exact same way with a new model and mine does not work. Here’s a video to show whats going on:

Note how in the video even though my vehicle is oriented correctly it for some reason starts the camera on the left side of the vehicle instead of the front like the Sedan is.

Is this a glitch in UE4 or Blender? I really don’t know anymore because I set both vehicles up exactly the same and that glitch is happening.

Also! The radius on the sphere’s for the sedan’s wheels are ~34 and using the scaling tool or moving tool is extremely slow even with the increments of 10 on, but on my vehicle the radius of the wheels is 1.01 despite being 3 times the size of the sedan’s and things move and scale really quickly.

Please help me! I really dont know why this is happening and I need vehicles to make the game I have in mind

I haven’t encountered stuff like this in awhile but when I did use Blender before switching to Maya I used to save things as OBJ and used Maya free obj to fbx converter to bring it into unreal it stopped a lot of import issues I had. Worth a try to see if it will help ya. Link Below

Autodesk FBX Converter