How do I make a texture from scratch?

I am having a lot of trouble with making a texture to add to my landscape.
I want a simple grass texture. My first goal is just to make a solid green.

Please help.

Trying to find a really good tutorial about making grass from scratch, including the blades of course, and the result was really good.

In the mean time, here are a few links to tuts I have offhand that are simple and easy to learn.

Tutorials courtesy of thanez, he frequents and iirc.

That google link looks like it has a lot of helpful resources in it.

Here is a tutorial that also includes how to create grass textures :slight_smile: You can do the same with “custom” grass blades -> e.g go outside - take a grass blade - place it onto a white paper - take a picture - use photoshop to delete the white background (material)