How do i make a road?


Can someone pleaseeeee point me in the direction of how to make a road? I have all these road textures i just dont know how to make them?

Thank you.

On Landscape Actors? Splines are awesome for this and easy to use-

Yes i am stuck on this part

I dont know how to turn a texture into a static mesh…

You turn textures into materials then you apply materials to mesh… you dont turn textures into mesh. Well not from what I know

Hi Cryogenic,

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Here is the answer that ZeOrb posted in the event anyone else finds this helpful:

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What i don’t understand is, do i need to make a road in blender or something then import it into UE4?

These videos aren’t showing me how to make a road.

I have the road material all i want to do is apply it into a spline.

All i want is some help please and not be linked to videos unrelated to my query.

Thank you.

These tutorials aren’t helping me.

Hi Cryogenic,

As others have said, you’ll need to apply the texture to a mesh. Your road texture is only a image meant to be setup in a material and materials can only be applied to a mesh if you want a road like you’re trying to do.

If you have the Landscape Mountain demo, Stylized Demo, or the Desert Vehicle Game demo you can open these up and find the road splines. You’ll see that these all have a mesh that follows the spline and the road material is applied to that mesh.

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also, they just had a twitch (w/ Zak the Great)

check these 2 links out:

and just in time to help you, he put all you need to follow his tutorial here in this post:!!

I think it might be just what you need, good luck with it. :wink: