How do i make a points shop system?

I have made a game where you shoot cubes and you get points from it. I have variables for ammo and points and i have this widget where if a button is pressed, it opens and a shop comes up. it all works but the button to buy extra ammo with points doesnt work no matter what blueprints i try to set up. Im very new to this so i tried doing this on my own and its frustrating i cant get it to work. This is the latest set up i have on button click which does nothing I want the points amount be 2000 but for testing purposes its at 100 to get 60 bullets. Any suggestions?

It looks like you have your pins mixed up. Not home atm but I can try to help. You want to use the points node from your cast to character to subtract. Currently you’re calling “points” and then setting it to the exact same number if “points” is greater than or equal to 100. Instead take the first points reference, plug that into the top of your -100 node, and then that to your SET points. Same with your ammo. Get Ammo, Add that value +50, and then set ammo. Simple :slight_smile: Just a few nodes mixed up.