How do i make a one way collision with a character?

Hello, i’m doing a platformer and i want my character to not collide with platforms if he’s jumping through them, but when he lands he can collide again, and also do the same when on a platform you press twice the down key and he rolls down “through” the platform. This should only happen with the platforms, because i should still receive damage from other players while doing this. Can you give me some pointers on how to achieve this? Thank you

You could try putting a trigger box above the platform that turns platform collision on when inside it(high enough so that you can complete the jump through the platform but low enough to be inside of it when walking over it). Then have an event where pressing down twice turns it off.

I created a new collision object channel named Platform and then i used just one trigger imediately below the platform, when the user is overlapping it i set the platform channel of the character to overlap, when the overlapping ends he sets it to block, and for what i want it seems to be working fine. Thanks for the tip.