How do i make a material not strech, no matter the scale of an object?

question in the title

if i had, lets say a steel i-beam. if i strech it to 600 scale on any direction, the material would be ridiculously streched. how do i make the streching not happen?

@rjvm I don’t think he’s talking about brushes.

Just try something similar to this:

Should work in ue4 as well, you’ll have to experiment with the numbers though.

To add to what Sitrec has posted you can see an example of this in the Content Examples project from Marketplace.

If you look at the material “M_BrickWall” you’ll be able to see that this texture will not scale with the mesh.

You can see how to set this up for testing in your level with the attached image.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!