How do i make a boat? (4.2)

I have made a very basic boat that i can enter/exit, but when i enter it i can’t move it and the camera suddenly rotates 90*.
I followed the car tutorial to make the boat, it has everything like a car except for the wheels.
How do i make the boat moveable?
thanks :slight_smile:
(sorry for my bad english)

I’m working on a similar concept. Is your simulation intended for multiplayer? I’ve implemented physics-based movement using physics thrusters but I’m beginning to think that it’s not ideally suited to a networked environment. Works fine in single player.

PS: You may also wish to follow this thread - Space ship propulsion system - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

It’s for a different kind of ship but the principles are likely to be the same.

hey, thanks for your reply. The game will just be singleplayer, i was considering making invisible wheels at the bottom of the boat but the collision is horrible (the boat is a skeletal mesh).
could it be my version of the engine that is causing al these weird stuff to happen? (if i simulate the skeletal mesh it fly’s in the air and just dissapears)

You could always use the UFO example and remove the vertical inputs.

You could then use the same logic they have in place for keeping it upright but instead you keep your boat at the “water surface” (an arbitrary Z-axis value you decide to be the water level).
PS: You’d need to disable gravity for your boat objects as well for this.