How do I make a blueprint's collision settings simply follow my flipbook's settings?

So I’ve been trying to set the collision for my game so that it follows the shrink wrapped 3d collision settings I have set on my sprites. I have also set the collision settings on my flipbooks to “follow each frame”.

This works as intended, the flipbooks have accurate shrinkwrapped collision. However, when I create a blueprint and include the flipbooks to be able to program my characters and objects, it is as if the flipbook collision settings get overwritten, they just don’t collide at all.

I don’t have a capsule included in the blueprint and I really don’t understand what might be going on. I tested the flipbooks themselves by simply dragging them into my level without a blueprint and testing them by having a character in a capsule collide with them and that works as expected, so the problem appears after I add the flipbook to a blueprint.

I have tried using a pawn blueprint, a character blueprint and a papercharacter blueprint, all without any success.

Thanks in advance.

Anyone? :confused:

What are the collision settings for the flipbook in the actual blueprint itself?

Maybe you need to make a custom setting rather than use the Character, Pawn or other pre-sets.
If you use the character preset you’ll have that capsule collision that you will have to shrink down to a VERY tiny size(you can’t delete it.)

Odd that it wouldn’t work with a blank pawn though.