How do I load an AnimBP state?

I need to restore my game to a prior saved state. I have been able to serialize and deserialize all of the objects in my game and restore them. However, the only thing I don’t know how to properly restore is the animation blueprint state machine. I have a node network with a bunch of transition states, and each node has an animation which gets played. I have a zombie character which plays an “emerging from grave” animation when it initially spawns, and this animation sequence takes about 15 seconds to complete. So, the dilemma is that if you save the game when the zombie is in the middle of the animation sequence and then load the game from the save point, the zombie needs to start the animation from the very beginning. The other problem is that the zombie could be in a different node in the state machine, so I’d need to be able to restore the current node in the state machine without doing any node transitions to get there. So, here are my questions:

-How do I figure out which node the animation state is currently on?
-How do I figure out where the play position is in the animation timeline in the current node?
-How do I manually set the active node in the animation graph state machine?
-Is there a way to query a blend space for the blend inputs that were used?

I can do any of this in C++ if needed. I just haven’t been able to find anything in the engine API which I could query to get the above information.