How do I know if the (Right Mouse) button is (UP)? on UMG button

I am stuck right now on something that should be simple. I need to know when my right mouse button is up on a button. So far I can tell when the left mouse button is down and up, and I can also tell when the right mouse button is down. Why do they make this so difficult for something that should be standard. Even without overrides the buttons should have simple common events like both mouse buttons up and down. Does anyone have a workaround for this common problem. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks

If you need to implement right click, you should make a custom user widget and override the mouse input events and handle it there. It’s not common practice to right click on a button, so SButton does not expose that functionality.

Ok thanks, it’s just that the button in my inventory item, and it would be nice to right click on it to have my drop menu popup, then on right mouse up get rid of the drop menu widget. I think I found a decent way of doing it now so it works with my drop menu widget.