How do I keep animation position when transitioning?

I have a state machine connected to my character animation that has a main walking/idle state and two attacking states branching off from it. Those attacking states have a “layered blend per bone” node, so that notifies from the walking animation will hopefully keep playing. When I transition between states though, the walking animation snaps back to the start. How do I get it so that the walking animation always continues from where it left off when transitioning between states?

Do you mean, like for example the char is launching an arrow while walking ?
would be helpful if you share a screenshot of your state machine flow.

Sorry, here:



Secondary is the same as Primary, just with a different animation hooked up to the layered blend. Let me know if you need any more screenshots.

you might try to use slot animation How To Blend Animations In Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube
The Paragon shibi anim blueprint is also a good example of doing slot upper body, full body. etc…

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Slot animation works perfectly! Thank you.

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