How do i join a game in multiplayer ( 2 instances of a packed game )

Few questions:

1.How can i make a game joinable from a packed build ?
2.How do i join an other game while in a packed game? do i make a dedicated server and joins it from other packed instances of the game?


*Edit :
This is what works for me :

1.Make a shortcut for your game’s exe file ( game.exe ).

Then right click, properties and all this to the Targer line:MapName?listen -server

MapName = the name of your map :slight_smile:

so game.exe turns into :
game.exe MapName?listen -server

Then you run the game from this shortcut.

2.After you’v finished the instructions above, you just open an other instance of the game ( via the normal game.exe file, not the shortcut )

Then you just open the command prompt using the “`” key ( right above the TAB key ).

When you see the black command line, write : “open”. This will join the game that you previously open on the same computer.

***If you open the server in an other computer you will have to insert it’s IP address ( instead of ).

And then you’v joined the server’s game.

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