How do I get the Wheel rotation turning etc, from the Wheel handler to move static mesh wheels?


I have a vehicle setup using Unreal wheeled vehicle classes, it all works fine, with a skeletal mesh as described in the docs,
But what I need to do, is have my ‘base’ vehicle skeletal mesh hidden in game, and then replace the wheels and body
with a ‘visual’ static mesh, which in turn animates with the body and wheels from the skeletal mesh. attaching the visual
body to the blueprint works fine as expected, but not the wheels.

So I want to be able to push a button, and switch the ‘visual’ wheel geometry at runtime, with different wheels, and feed
the rotation and turning data from the skeletal mesh wheels onto visual wheels so they move correctly.

I hope that makes sense?

I’m working entirely in blueprints, if anyone has any ideas how to get this to work that would be amazing. :slight_smile: