How do I get my PS4 controller to work on my computer?

So, I think I need to download a software to allow my computer to read my PS4 remote so that way it can work with UE4 when I build a vehicle I can drive my vehicle directly from my PS4 remote. So what name of software will read the buttons on my PS4 remote?

Oh my god. Literally the first google result for ‘PS4 Controller on PC’ returns the exact thing that you’ll need.
You’ll need either a Micro-USB cable (phone charger cable) or Bluetooth functionality in your PC to connect it, then download DS4Windowsand play around with it.
Bear in mind that the PS4 controller is not officially supported and that link is a fan-project, albeit one thats been in the works for a while now. The last time I had heard about it, the person who made it didn’t have the touch-bit working yet but everything else did (this was a while ago), but it looks like that’s supported now.

On a slightly lighter tone, I’m not entirely sure you know what the PS4 remote is.

Well while DS4Windows works and is able to receive input, on UE side I was unable to register any input… What is sorted out was DS4Tool 1.2.2 which run server on background to emulate controller in a way UE can pick up. If you could elaborate on how to setup DS4Windows so UE could pick up input from it then you can share that info :slight_smile:
Thank you.