How do I get "Click to open in text edtior" working?

Currently, clicking here does nothing:

I’ve downloaded the source and guess I have to reference it somewhere, but where?

I believe it only works if you have Visual Studio installed. Did it pop up a message or anything?

I have visual studio installed.

No message. Nothing happens.

Ah, opened the output log and see this:

LogVSAccessor:Warning: Couldn’t access Visual Studio

Hm, wonder what I can do. VS Express is installed. Do you need a pro version?

I thought it worked with express as well, but I could be wrong on that. You should probably post this on the AnswerHub site so the guys can make sure there isnt a bug there and maybe help you get it working.

I just noticed it works for my own projects, but not for content examples.

I got both Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 Ultimate installed. The link to the files doesn’t work for me neither.

Did you just download the source, or did you build it and run the editor from it?

As far as I know, for those links to work you need to be running a source build.