How do I fire off custom event when the head bone is hit by projectile?

How do I fire off a custom event when a specific bone is hit by a projectile? In this case the head bone. In the below BP I’m missing the final two nodes I need to connect. The first is to plug the hit bone name that is in the break hit result into something that will say head bone (is that possible) and the second is to connect that to and fire off the custom event.

Ok so I thought the below would work but it still does nothing. Why is this so hard? I thought it would be simple to set up a custom event for a bone hit.

are you sure the bone is head exactly like that? That’s the only thing I could see as off. But i am super new so i am not sure

Ya it’s head in lower case. Bit surprised there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this. All the tutorials I can find only reference which bone is hit not to specify an event when a specific bone is hit.

Print out the hit bone name in the on hit handler first and see what the actual values are like.

How are you tracing for the bone? Do you have a sphere trace or something similar?
Do you get no bone at all, or just the wrong bone?