How do I export a skeletal mesh with animations sequence?

I’ve finally after 2 months of working with Unreal decided to get into the animating and Persona side off thins…It can be tricky…

I use Blender as my 3D modeling source. And I’ve created a model inside, added a skelton, and set up a looping 2 second animation for the model.
When I export as an fbx and then importing in Unreal, I’m getting the skeletal mesh, and the physics asset as well…but how do I get an animation sequence?? I don’t’ get one…

Is it something I need to do differently in blender or is there something I don’t know in Unreal to where the animation sequence will appear??

I figured the animation sequence would be a separate file but when I export from blender with animation selected it doesn’t give give me but one fbx file…

Can someone help me please?? I’m very new to the animating thing.

thank you!!!

Problem Solved!!!

I had done everything correctly…just needed to re import the FBX as an animation. :slight_smile: